Weekly Reflection/Goals

Weekly reflections on my clinical experience in Mason City High School and Forest City Middle School. Includes a summary of activities, highs, lows, and my planning and goal-setting for the upcoming week.

A Special Shout Out to the Teachers! - This is me, one of my professors from Waldorf College, and the group of student teachers for this past semester.
The Goodbye Is The Hardest Part - Yesterday marked the first full week without my middle schoolers. It's crazy how you get so attached to the little guys in such a short time. 🙂 🙁
The Final Reflection - I came into Waldorf with hopes of becoming independent, taking advantage of opportunities, and becoming more of myself. I came in as a young girl and now I'm leaving as a self-assured, confident, teacher and writer.
Post-Turkey Day Reflection (Week 13) - Ahh...the snow is blowing, the leftover mashed potatoes are settling at the pit of my stomach, and our first school day back after the holiday break is cancelled. Can you say crazy?
My Professional Growth Narrative - As I reflect on my student teaching experience, this is my greatest growth, greatest professional challenge, and my plans for the future.
Learning On My Feet - My student teaching experience has taught me to learn on my feet, which means always being prepared and positive, no matter what the day might throw at me. With crazy schedules, snow days, and lessons taking off in completely different directions, I've realized the most important thing is to take things one step at a time.
Thinking About Behavior Management - Behavior management. Sigh. This is something I struggle with, especially in the transition from high school to middle school.
The Super Short Week (Week 11 Reflection) - This week was the shortest week in history! We didn't have school on Wednesday because our high school volleyball team made it to state (hooray!) and then we had off on Friday because of conferences on Monday and Tuesday
Week 10 – Mock Sub Notes and Overplanning - I wasn't able to be in class on Friday due to a doctor's appointment, so to prepare myself for my future teaching career, I created mock sub notes for my cooperating teacher, so that she would know exactly what I wanted my students to do for each class period!
Week 9 – I’m Ready! I’m Ready! - After a second full week at the middle school, I feel like I have a good grasp on students, their behaviors, names, interactions, and most importantly how to teach them. I've integrated into the classrooms pretty well, teaching mini-lessons, helping with instruction, and working as a co-teacher. Now I'm ready to take over!
Week 8 Reflection – Middle School Isn’t Too Bad - Heading into my first week at Forest City Middle School, everyone at the high school said I'd be wishing to be back after day one. (They made me nervous, I'm not going to lie!) But I was ready for a change and for some younger faces. So I braved the halls of FCMS with a confident face.
Saying Goodbye to My Honors Classes - Friday was my last day at Mason City High School, bittersweet to say the least. Saying goodbye to my Honors 10 group was tough. I had become particularly fond of them.
Saying Goodbye to English 10 - Wow, where to start with this group? These students were mine from day one. They were my most challenging, but my most rewarding group. And they taught me a lot about being a tenth grader.
Saying Goodbye to My American Seminar Kids - Saying goodbye to my American Seminar students came first--this was the first class I gave back to Stanton, and while they were moving beyond The Scarlet Letter, I slaved over their grades in the back of the room. 😛
Unit Planning – English 10 - Planning for my English 10 classes was different--these periods, one and four, I was taking over from the start. I needed to have a plan from day one all the way to my final day, October 16th.
Parents Say the Darndest Things, Too! [ An Unexpected Conference] - Conferences are supposed to be this warm and fuzzy time where you talk to parents about their students, celebrate their successes, discuss areas for growth, and go over the activities and progress made since the first day of school...right? Well, in an ideal world.
It’s a Bad Day. I’m Not a Bad Teacher - Okay, Marisa. I tell myself as I watch my students walk out of my first period class. Hold it together. Don't cry. You are fine. Everything will be fine. You can do this.
Weekly Reflection #6 – Finding a Plan for Late Work - A lot happened this week: first round of conferences, introducing To Kill a Mockingbird, finishing up The Scarlet Letter, final activities for Tuesdays with Morrie, gathering and grading assignments--I was busy! One thing I've taken away from this week's craziness, however, is that I need to establish a better system for late work.
Weekly Goal #5 – Being a Honest Grader - This week I've reflected on the vastly different backgrounds my students have and bring to the classroom every day. This has been eye-opening, but I have to admit, it's changed my thinking a little. Which is both good and bad.
An Eye-Opening Experience - My student teaching experience at Mason City High School has so far been an incredibly eye-opening experience. If I could name the one, most important thing that I'm pulling away from my time here, is that students come from such varied, different, and often difficult backgrounds.
Weekly Reflection/Goal #4 - What I've learned this week? If you want to see what your kids have learned, you might have to make them do several projects and papers...and they might hate you.
Weekly Journal #3 - My reflection on this week: it's okay to be tough.
Weekly Journal #2 - The goal of my first week of student teaching was to get my English 10 students involved and engaged with classroom material. As I reflect on this past week, my goal has completely shifted. Now, I'm trying to refocus my students and reel them back in.
Weekly Goal #1 - My goal with my English 10 students, specifically, is to find ways to get them engaged in the material. Perhaps small group work, or with having them write something than share it will be more effective in getting them to speak up and share independently.
Pre-Placement Meeting: Round 1 - Today I met with my first placement cooperating teacher, Mrs. Stanton. She's a wonderful lady, and last fall I was able to have clinical hours with her on Fridays, so I was already comfortable with her and her teaching style--I was eager to start!