Kinder-1st & 2nd Grade Learning Program

We are an intentionally-designed, small-scale learning program for students between the ages of 5-9 (Kinder-1st + 2nd Grade). We offer an engaging, innovative, and highly individualized option for families seeking educational alternatives.

Our Focus:

  • We focus on an investigative approach to learning through hands-on activities, projects, and creative academic-based play.
  • We prioritize building and improving foundational skills to foster independence, confidence, and a life-long love for learning.
  • We strengthen socialization, collaboration, and communication through learning activities, arts/crafts, music, movement and outdoor play.


Tue, Wed & Thurs from 9AM-4PM

  • Full-Day Program (9AM-4PM)
  • Morning Session (9AM-1PM)
  • Afternoon Session (12PM-4PM)
  • MORNING SESSION: Foundational-focused learning that emphasizes phonics / phonemic awareness, and principles of reading, writing, spelling and math with hands-on activities. ($595/month)
  • AFTERNOON SESSION: Curriculum-focused approach that covers advanced spelling, reading, writing & math, as well as social studies and STEM-based projects. ($595/month)
  • FULLL-DAY LEARNING: Comprehensive, full-learning day that covers both foundational skills development as well as grade-level curriculum and socialization. ($895/month)

*NOTE: All programs are collaborative, social-focused, multidisciplinary, and engaging! Morning session is best for younger learners and learners needing more foundational skill support, but encompass Kinder-1st AND 2nd grade skills.


  • LOCATION: The 2022-2023 Kinder-1st & 2nd ‘pod’ will be hosted at a private residence in North Bay Park, San Diego, California. The location is a few blocks east of the South Clairemont Park/Rec Center. (Please contact us for more information/specifics).
    Full-Day – $895/month
    Half-Day – $595/month


  • Marisa Donnelly, MEd. is a licensed ELA/Reading Teacher with over 12+ years of experience supporting students of all ages, grade levels, and abilities (including SPED), in a variety of educational settings and programs. She is passionate about non-traditional education.

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