San Diego Microschool

San Diego microschool and homeschool program

What Is A Microschool?

Change is happening in education! Parents and families are looking for non-traditional approaches to learning, teachers are leaning into new methods and strategies, and students are thriving as they engage with material at their own place.

A microschool is a tiny program or ‘pod’ of students, grouped based on age and/or level.
We launched our San Diego Microschool back in 2020 with a full-time 5/6th Grade Program, and shifted to a Kinder/1st Program in 2021. We are now in our third year of operating microschool classes and offer a Kinder/1st/2nd Grade Learning Program in Bay Park, San Diego.

What Is Donnelly’s Daily Apple?

Donnelly’s Daily Apple is an educational services business that provides individualized, intuitive, and hands-on learning in both one-on-one and small-group settings.

Our company operates a part-time microschool program, small-group classes, and provides tutoring and academic support students in public and private education, as well as homeschool families. [We are also a vendor of the Pacific Coast Academy (PCA).]

Middle School:

Elementary School:


Why Microschool Classes?

We believe that students learn best in small environments where the curriculum, strategies, and activities can be customized and personalized to their needs.

How Does Enrollment Work?

(1) First, get in touch with us to share information about your child(ren) and to determine current availability.

(2) Next, we’ll set up a tour for you to visit our space and ask questions.

(3) Then, we’ll set up an assessment and/or drop-in day to help all parties determine whether it’s a fit!

Who Is The Teacher?

Marisa Donnelly, MEd., is a licensed teacher and founder of Donnelly’s Daily Apple. She is passionate about providing educational alternatives to students of all ages.

What Is The ‘PCA’?

The ‘PCA’ (Pacific Coast Academy) is a tuition-free charter school in San Diego, and we are a vendor for them!

Through our partnership with Pacific Coast, we provide part-time classes, small-group learning, tutoring, homeschool support, academic oversight, and more!

If you’re curious how that all works, let’s set up a call!