For Homeschooling Families

We love our homeschooling families!

To support those who are choosing to homeschool in San Diego, we provide a variety of flexible learning options, including microschool classes, enrichment programs, individual or small-group courses, lessons, tutoring, homework help and more.

Our Mission Is To Offer Our Homeschool Families innovative Educational Alternatives

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Why Homeschooling?

Education is changing, and especially in light of the recent worldwide health crisis. Although we’ve always been passionate about non-traditional education, our passion for supporting homeschooling families began in 2020 when our founder launched a full-time homeschool program to support her step-son.

Our offerings have since developed into programming for all ages, levels, and content areas.

We believe that education should be individualized; thus, homeschooling provides a means of customizing your child’s learning in a way that not only feels natural and aligned — but by working with a licensed educator and educational services busines — doesn’t compromise on quality or integrity.

PS: We often custom-curate programs based on the needs of our families! If there’s something specific you need, just contact us and we’ll try to make it happen! We are a vendor of the PCA (Pacific Coast Academy) + MVA (Mission Vista Academy)!

Ready to learn more or take the next step? Let’s get in touch!