Upper Elementary School Learning Program

We offer a few different learning options for upper elementary school students (2nd-3rd grade) that are hands-on, collaborative, investigative, creative, and fun!

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For students in 2nd and 3rd grade, in Fall 2023 we are offering a focused Upper Elementary School ‘Block’ on Tuesdays (9AM-2PM) and a W/Th Group Block (11AM-4PM) for hands-on projects, curriculum investigation, collaboration, and socialization.
[For lower elementary options, Kinder-1st, click here.]

Our Focus:

  • We prioritize higher-level, meaningful learning by encouraging our students to ask questions, engage with the material individually, form their own opinions, and approach problems in innovative ways.
  • We believe that curiosity is a guiding force and use this philosophy—alongside a blend of programs, activities, and learning games—to guide our approach to curriculum and concepts.
  • We strengthen socialization, collaboration, and investigation through hands-on projects, manipulatives arts, music, movement and indoor/outdoor play.


Our 5 Learning Options:

  • Elementary B Main Program
  • Elementary A & B Block
  • Elementary B Single Day

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    (TUE 9AM-2PM + WED-THURS 11-4PM)
    Comprehensive learning program that covers basic fundamentals of all subject areas, as well as investigative learning, cross-curricular projects, and socialization. ($725/month)
    (WED-THURS 11AM-4PM)
    Focused on collaboration, socialization, creativity, skill-building, investigation of learning, and student-driven projects (in all subject areas) to foster meaningful connections between school and everyday life. ($490/month)


*NOTE: All programs are collaborative, social-focused, multidisciplinary, and engaging! To determine the best fit for your child, please contact us to set up a call and/or student assessment.


  • LOCATION: The 2023-2024 programs and ‘pods’ for students in Upper Elementary Grades (2nd-3rd) will be hosted at a private residence in North Bay Park, San Diego, California. The location is a few blocks east of the South Clairemont Park/Rec Center. (Please contact us for more information).

    Elementary B Main Program — $725/month
    Elementary A & B Block — $490/month
    Elementary B Single Day — $250/month


  • Marisa Donnelly, MEd. is a licensed, Master-level ELA/Reading Teacher with over 14+ years of experience supporting students of all ages, grade levels, and abilities (including SPED), in a variety of educational settings and programs. She is passionate about non-traditional education.

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