San Diego Homeschool Programs (2022-2023)

Offering An Individualized Educational Alternative

We offer intentionally-designed homeschool programs that focus on individualized and innovative learning opportunities for families looking for educational alternatives.

We currently offer two options for the 2022-2023 academic year:
Full-Time 7/8th Grade (Microschool) & Part-Time Kinder-1st/2nd Grade Program.

kindergarten first and second grade
Kinder-1st / 2nd

FULL DAY: 9-4PM OR HALF: 9-1PM | 12-4PM

An engaging and highly individualized learning program that covers both foundational skills development, as well as grade-level curriculum and socialization for Kinder-1st and 2nd grade students.

7-8th grade


Full-time, comprehensive middle school learning program that provides a credible, standards-based curriculum, as well as arts/music, physical education and health components for students in grades 7-8.

intervention and individualized learning

M-TH 2-4PM

We offer optional add-ons, including Speech/Language Services, Occupational Therapy Services & 1:1 Academic Intervention to target individual areas of need. (Pricing varies, contact us for more information.)

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What Sets Us Apart

Our creatively-curated homeschool programs prioritize differentiated learning — everything from IEP accommodations to an accelerated curriculum — in order to provide a truly individualized and engaging learner experience. With our small student-teacher ratio, we offer support and intervention to ensure our students receive the services they need to thrive.

Reshaping Education,
One Student At A Time

“I dropped my daughter off yesterday and I got teary-eyed realizing how much she loves the school. Yesterday, she said, “Hi Ms. Marisa!” and just walked right into class, she was so excited. You’ve cultivated such a beautiful environment. I’m so grateful and would wish for nothing else.