Homeschool Program (2022-2023)

Offering An Individualized Educational Alternative

We are a small, intentionally-designed homeschool program providing individualized and project-based educational opportunities for families looking for alternatives to public and private schooling.

students working together in a homeschool program
Mon | WED | FRI

8:30AM – 1:30PM

This is our 3-day traditional learning approach with a focus on a collaborative, multidisciplinary, and hands-on curriculum. We offer options for in-person and virtual learning.

child working on hands-on activity

Individualized schedule

Homeschool program schedule is based on each learner’s needs/availability with an emphasis on enrichment, higher-level thinking, time management, and academic responsibility.

group of students and teacher doing hands-on activity in homeschool program

2-4PM | $100/day

Beginning the 2022-2023 school year, we are offering After-school Intensive Intervention and small-group academic support to build foundational skills and target individual areas of need.

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What Sets Us Apart

Our creatively curated homeschool program prioritizes differentiated learning — everything from IEP accommodations and modifications to an accelerated curriculum — in order to provide a truly individualized and engaging learner experience. With our small student-teacher ratio, we offer support and intervention to ensure our students receive the services they need.

Reshaping Education,
One Student At A Time

“I really love being in a small classroom. It’s really helped me to learn and the projects are really fun, too.”