San Diego Homeschool Programs (2023-2024)

san diego homeschool programs

San Diego Homeschool Programs: Offering Innovative Educational Alternatives

We are Donnelly’s Daily Apple, an educational services business that prides itself on providing customized learning opportunities for individuals and small-groups.

Our homeschool programs focus on personalized, hands-on, and engaging learning for families who are seeking alternatives to traditional schooling. We currently offer microschool classes and an enrichment program for students in grades Kinder through 3rd Grade.
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We offer Microschool classes that cover foundational skills development, as well as grade-level curriculum and socialization for students K-3.

We offer a part-time class for students between the ages of 3-5 (Preschool, Pre-K, or early Kinder learners) to help build strong foundations for learning.

tod pod

We offer a Tod Pod to give younger children the opportunity to socialize, play, learn, create, and feel like they’re going to ‘school’ in a safe, intentionally-designed homeschool space.

We offer many flexible learning options in San Diego, including small-group classes, tutoring, and academic support (for public, private, & homeschool families).

Middle School:

Elementary School:

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What Sets Us Apart

Our intuitively-designed homeschool programs prioritize differentiated learning — everything from IEP accommodations to an accelerated curriculum — in order to provide a truly individualized and engaging learner experience. With our small student-teacher ratio, we offer support and intervention to ensure our students receive the services they need to thrive.

Reshaping Education,
One Student At A Time

“I dropped my daughter off yesterday and I got teary-eyed realizing how much she loves the school. Yesterday, she said, “Hi Ms. Marisa!” and just walked right into class, she was so excited. You’ve cultivated such a beautiful environment. I’m so grateful and would wish for nothing else.