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We provide a baseline learning assessment to help our potential students and their families understand areas of strength or need.

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We provide a learning assessment in the areas of phonics/phonemic awareness, letter and sight word recognition, fluency, comprehension, writing, and basic ELA skills to help our potential students and their families understand areas of strength or need. This assessment (mixed with engaging, age-appropriate learning games) helps us to understand a bit more of your child’s academic levels and guides us in determining the best program, placement, or course of action in working together.

Families often reach out to us desperate for support or a change. Our goal is to provide answers through assessments (and tangible results) can can provide a baseline understanding of what your child may need and what options may be best.

*Please note: The learning assessment is not comprehensive and does not cover the spectrum of all content areas. We are simply providing testing in a comfortable, engaging environment to help to determine needs and best supports.

About Marisa Donnelly: 

Marisa Donnelly, MEd., is the founder of Donnelly’s Daily Apple and a Master-level teacher with a decade of educational experience in public, private, homeschool, and specialized classrooms. She has her Master’s in Reading Education and specializes in anything related to ELA, Reading and Writing (with experience across the content areas as well). Marisa has also worked with students across the spectrum of abilities and needs, including Special Education.

Donnelly Daily Apple Learning Assessments are available online or in-person (Southern California area).

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