A Special Shout Out to the Teachers!

This is me, one of my professors from Waldorf College, and the group of student teachers for this past semester. We were so different–Vocal Music Education, Instrumental Music Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Math, and me, Secondary English Ed. 

This group taught me so much, from learning different ways to classroom manage and how to talk to kids, to the unique ways of engaging students and most importantly, seeing that I wasn’t alone. It was an adventure for all of us.

Me and my fellow student teachers at our post-grad dinner!
Me and my fellow student teachers at our post-grad dinner!

Our professor took us out for dinner to celebrate our success and graduation–such a bittersweet moment!

Over the past semester I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned my patience levels, I’ve learned what makes me tick, I’ve learned what gets me excited about learning, I’ve learned how to talk to and build relationships with kids, and I’ve become so confident and passionate about teaching. It’s weird to say goodbye to this group, to my kids, and to the lessons and memories. I’ll always hold these dear. But for now, I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life!

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