16 Things Only Middle School Teachers Can Understand

A few weeks ago, I published this–a humorous article about being a middle school teacher–on Thought Catalog.
Its pretty true, and still makes me laugh, especially as I reflect on my student teaching experience. 🙂

16 Things Only Middle School Teachers Can Understand


1. “Ooh! Ooh! Oooooh! I know! I know! Pick me!…Wait, what was the question?”

2. “Do we haaaaaaave to?”

3. “When is this class over?”

4. “Can we please sit wherever we want?”

5. “Can we listen to music while we work on [insert project].”

6. “Is this going to be graded?”

7. “I don’t get it.”

8. “Can we sit on the floor today?”

9. “You should bring us treats on Friday.”

10. Teacher: “This project will be due next Wednesday.” Student: “When’s this due?”

11. “Is it time to pack up?”

12. “When’s the test?”

13. “Do we have to do this entire thing?”

14. Teacher: “Who remembers what we talked about yesterday? **Crickets.**

15. “Can we leave early today?”

16. “Test? What test?!”

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