Week 10 – Mock Sub Notes and Overplanning

I wasn’t able to be in class on Friday due to a doctor’s appointment, so to prepare myself for my future teaching career, I created mock sub notes for my cooperating teacher, so that she would know exactly what I wanted my students to do for each class period!

This was excellent practice and helped me see how I need to look ahead in planning–especially if I have a reason for being out of the classroom that I know ahead of time. Here’s what my notes looked like:

Week 10 Reflection:

overplanAs I reflect on this week, I am realizing that I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew with my eighth grade students. I have plans set out for House on Mango Street, but it seems like it’s almost too much for 45 minute class periods, especially with shortened periods on Wednesday. As I move forward, I know that my plans might change (even drastically) and I am planning on being more open, less worried, and more focused on learning rather than getting all my activities in.

Goal for Next Week:

I’m excited to start working on plans for my sixth graders. I am going to create an activity where they have to start writing informatively, and even research! This is something new and something I’m really pumped about! My plan is to create something fun and engaging, but more importantly, standard-aligned!

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