My Figurative Language Family

To go along with teaching my students about figurative language with their Types of Figurative Language Notes, I had them relate what they learned to their own lives and work on generating original examples!

myfigurativelanguagefamilyI read “Hairs” in House on Mango Street, which is filled with wonderful examples of personification, simile, and metaphor as Esperanza describes her family members.

I made this worksheet, “My Figurative Language Family” to help them make connections to their own family members and work on figurative language–not only understanding what it is and identifying it in the book, but also creating their own examples!

Figurative language isn’t easy, so my goal with the worksheet was for them to understand better by connecting to their lives. They were to choose three family members (even pets) and describe them using a different type of figurative language for each person/animal.

Here is a student example and my feedback via Google Classroom.

They could choose from:

  • simile
  • alliteration
  • allusion
  • metaphor
  • hyperbole
  • onomatopoeia
  • personification

**You can view/download the worksheet here

**You can view/download the complete lesson plan here.


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