Teaching Figurative Language!

Figurative language is so complicated, yet so much fun! I created this AMAZING (okay, I might be bragging just a little, but I’m super excited!) resource to teach students. It is a scaffolded set of notes that includes examples, pictures, and even song clips for learning figurative language in more ways than one!

This is a great resource for teachers wanting to explain and show multiple examples of figurative language to introduce the concept (or in my case, the book–I’m heading into my House on Mango Street unit). This is easy enough for middle schoolers but advanced and creative enough for high schoolers–awesome all around!

typesoffiglangprevResource Includes:

  • alliteration
  • personification
  • metaphor
  • simile
  • allusion
  • onomatopoeia
  • hyperbole

This is a preview of the notes sheet, and it’s available for download [HERE]!

All song clips are edited and attached in the activity!

Very simple, interactive, and fun!

*To view/download the complete lesson plan here.


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