Unit Planning – English 10

Planning for my English 10 classes was different–these periods, one and four, I was taking over from the start. I needed to have a plan from day one all the way to my final day, October 16th.

I started with a simple calendar and started planning Tuesdays with Morrie. I created a rough sketch, and as I began teaching, this plan changed and continued to change as we went.

English 10 - September

English 10 - October

To view the pdf versions, click here: English 10 – September , English 10 – October

I added quizzes, assessments, and homework to the plan as I went. If class periods took longer than I anticipated to complete activities, I switched things and created new ideas as we continued reading. [There was a lot of White Out involved!]

Creating this plan really helped me to organize myself and make my teaching stronger. This is something I’m definitely going to use in future classes! Plus, the plan serves as a record of what I did so that if I do the same unit again, I can look back and see the activities and time frame!

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