Week 8 Reflection – Middle School Isn’t Too Bad

Heading into my first week at Forest City Middle School, everyone at the high school said I’d be wishing to be back after day one. (They made me nervous, I’m not going to lie!) But I was ready for a change and for some younger faces. So I braved the halls of FCMS with a confident face.

What I didn’t expect was to be treated as if I was already a part of the school without much effort. The faculty was warm and welcoming and the students, most of all, treated me like I had been a teacher in their classroom all year. That was probably the biggest change for me. If I had walked into a high school classroom like that, mid October, those kids would have rolled their eyes. They wouldn’t have taken me seriously. But with a combination of my confidence and presence, and their willingness and open attitudes, the environment was easy to slip into! And I already feel at home here.

There are a few things to reflect on as this week comes to a close:

  1. I am almost done memorizing names! And that is a huge accomplishment!
  2. I did well integrating myself into the classes, now I just need to find a voice and be even more engaged.
  3. The Hunger Games book is super exciting, and awesome to read aloud!
  4. Sixth graders are so little and cute.

And there are a few goals I have moving forward. Since the first week was spent teaching mini-lessons, integrating into the co-teaching environment, and reading/planning/starting activities in the 8th grade classrooms, I’m ready to take on more responsibility. Some goals I have:

  1. Plan how I’m going to teach House on Mango Street and work with the other 8th grade teacher to create lessons, activities, and goals for teaching
  2. Create enrichment activities and games for students that are done with their current assignments
  3. Plan strategies and classes for the Book Club, which will meet M-Th starting next week as a new group of students

I’m excited moving forward (and nervous!) But I think I’m ready for the change and challenges that sixth and eighth graders will bring me! 🙂

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