Integrating Hunger Games Movie Clips

My eighth graders finished the Hunger Games today. Boy, did I forget how heart-wrenching the ending of the first book was! In addition to the Character Symbol activity I had them working on, I also wanted to integrate the movie in some way, so I used YouTube clips and a discussion post on Google Classroom to enhance and deepen student understanding of the end of the book.

I made a post on Google Classroom asking students to watching the ending clip from the movie and relate it to the book. How was it similar? Different? What did they like? Dislike? We will discuss this and their symbols on Monday’s class.


Here’s my Classroom post with questions and the movie clip. This was just a simple way for me to get my foot in the door with teaching them, and also to connect the book outside of the class so they can see multiple means of literature–text and visual.

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