Week 9 – I’m Ready! I’m Ready!

After a second full week at the middle school, I feel like I have a good grasp on students, their behaviors, names, interactions, and most importantly how to teach them. I’ve integrated into the classrooms pretty well, teaching mini-lessons, helping with instruction, and working as a co-teacher. Now I’m ready to take over!

i'mreadyi'mreadyMonday marks the beginning of my full-time teaching. I have mapped out my entire plan for House on Mango Street for the eighth graders. I have also created lessons for Book Club and met with my co-teachers for planning sixth grade. I’m feeling good about what’s to come!


Reflection on this week: I need to integrate even more! I feel like I’m a full-time teacher in the classroom, but I want to catch up on everything I’ve missed so that I can answer all the questions my students may throw at me.

Goal for this upcoming week: Be flexible as I start my House on Mango Street plan, as things are changing and there are still some assessments students have to complete before moving to a new unit.

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