Standard #6:  Assessment.  The teacher understands and uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, to monitor learner progress, and to guide the teacher’s and learner’s decision making.

6(a) The teacher balances the use of formative and summative assessment as appropriate to support, verify, and document learning.  (Performances)
6(j) The teacher understands the differences between formative and summative applications of assessment and knows how and when to use each.  (Essential Knowledge)
6(v) The teacher is committed to the ethical use of various assessments and assessment data to identify learner strengths and needs to promote learner growth.  (Critical Dispositions)

In my words: I understand that it is important to use multiple means of assessing students to see their thoughts, measure their understanding, and see progress in their learning. These assessments will vary and will also help to guide my instruction.


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