Pop Quiz – Ch. 3-4

Four chapters in to the book? Pop quiz time! Call me a mean teacher, but I wanted to check that my students were reading, so I gave them a quiz over chapters 3 and 4 in To Kill a Mockingbird.

I made two versions of the quiz. This is the original that I gave in class.

TKAM quiz 3-4

The second version was for students who weren’t in class–I still wanted to check their reading and understanding!

TKAM quiz 3-4, 2nd version The quizzes asked main questions from the chapter. They were 7 points, so it did hurt if the students didn’t read, but I wanted them to know I was serious about them reading and doing assigned work! Some of my students did pretty poorly, but this was the first quiz! For next time they would make sure to read and talk to me if they had questions about the chapter. Call me mean, but I think quizzes are an important part of the learning process!

**These are questions I adapted from outside resources. I do not claim ownership of them.

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