Tuesdays with Morrie – Quiz 1

After going through the book for several days as a class and having short Journal assignments and discussion, I decided to have a reading pop-quiz. This was over the first thirty pages, but answers were definitely talked over in class previously.

TWM Quiz 1
Click on the picture to see the document version of the Quiz.

My students struggled with this, which frankly disappointed me.

But I made the decision to not allow for re-takes on this quiz, because I knew, without a doubt that we had gone over this material in class. Instead, I went over the quiz as a class and talked over the questions so the students knew what the answers should be.

The quiz incorporated themes from the introduction to the book, referencing “The Last Lecture” as well as the video clip we watched from Ted Koppel’s interview. I hope that now my students can see that what we talk about in class discussion really does matter. Hopefully they will take notes in the future, and perhaps I will help them by creating note sheets to guide their learning and assist on future assessments.

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