ALS Web Quest

Sometimes to understand a concept fully, students need to research and learn about the concept outside of the classroom discussion. This I’ve learned with Tuesdays with Morrie and his condition ALS [Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis].

When we started discussing the novel, we talked about ALS, about the Ice Bucket Challenge, and even watched a short clip on someone struggling with ALS [To see that lesson, click here]. However, even with that previous knowledge, I realized my students didn’t know what ALS was like. 

So, I created an interactive ALS Web Quest for them: using the internet they had to research what ALS was like, the causes, symptoms, treatments, and progression and we would talk about it the following day in class.

ALS Web Quest

I posted the assignment online through our Google Classroom; I also provided paper copies. My goal was to make sure my students looked into ALS to see how the condition really effected main character, Morrie Schwartz.

I felt that doing this reached out to global issues and brought the text into the light a little more–making their learning more connected and meaningful in their personal lives.

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