Back to School Night

Tonight was Back to School Night, a night for parents to visit with teachers, walk student schedules, learn a little about classes, and share information about their children.

This was an exciting night for me because I felt like a real teacher! I was able to engage with parents, collaborate on ideas about student learning, discuss employability skills with parents, and introduce/explain a little about myself and each of the classes.

Back to School NightOur school principal, Mr. Long, sent each of the teachers a schedule and information sheet about the Night before it began [see left]. To open the night, teachers sat down with parents to make them feel more comfortable. For the first forty-five minutes, parents and teachers talked about skills they wanted students to achieve, what Mason City High School was all about, and goals for the year. It was a great way to interact!

The picture below is one I took at the beginning of the night. It shows teachers and parents sitting at tables together, collaborating and communicating–a positive, engaging environment!

Back to School Night - Collaboration

After the opening session, parents walked around and visited their students’ classes. I introduced myself to each of the parents that came through, gave them my Class Syllabus [English 10, Honors 10] and Letter to Parents.

Then I showed and explained the Google Classroom website for each class. I told parents what we used the site for, how to navigate, and how the students could access the site from home.

Back to School Night - Classroom
Our classroom board on Back to School Night–showcasing the Google Classroom websites!

I felt that the night was very beneficial! I met and talked to parents, shared my knowledge of Google Classroom, gave them personal information about me, and even learned about one of our students who has a 504 Plan we will be receiving soon!

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