What Is Skills Iowa?

One of the assessments my cooperating teacher uses for her sixth grade Reading/Literacy is Skills Iowa. These are assessments that match with the Common Core and show learner progress in specific areas. 

The grades are broken down into categories, and the teacher can see, specifically, what answers the majority of the class scored well on, poor on, and individual percentages for each question and topic.

Here’s what the page looks like for the teacher:


It shows each class and when you click on each class, then you are able to see individual student progress as well as a breakdown of each question individually and as a class.


This is the grade breakdown. It shows the standards as well as performance and areas of strength vs. struggle.


Skills Iowa also breaks down the standards and shows which questions correspond and how the students did based on the standards. For teachers, this helps to see what areas they may have to reteach.

As I’m becoming more familiar with FCMS and their grading program, I can definitely see the benefits of Standards-Based Grading. This assessment in particular, is very productive because it assesses the Common Core standards directly and helps teachers to see correlation between scores, standards, and student success. I’m interested to see where my students are at and areas that need more work so that I can start planning some relevant and useful activities.

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