Hungry Hungry Hippos!

This was a super fun activity that FCMS participated in during their Dugout time–a human-sized, human-version of Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Each team had one person who would lay on the scooter. The scooter was attached to a rope and the teammates would push that person to the middle where there was a pile of balloons. The person on the scooter had a plastic crate, turned upside-down. This was their ‘mouth’ that they would use to capture and grab balloons. Once they had some balloons trapped in their crate, their teammates would pull the back, unload the balloons, and push them back out for more! They did this for 1.5 minute sessions and the team with the most balloons won that round!

To see the Hungry Hungry Hippos in action, watch the video below!


This is what it looked like–a lot of craziness and fun! I think the hardest part was staying on the scooters!

I really enjoyed being a part of this, even as a spectator, because I could jump in with the competition and fun my Dugout group was having. I also got to chat informally with them, learn their names, and share some laughs! I’m looking forward to getting closer with them as the semester goes on!

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