Varying Assessment – Google Classroom Assignments

Assessing students is not something that should be the same every time. Assessment can be a test, quiz, comprehension notes, homework assignment, in-class assignment, discussion, project, speech, etc. Most importantly, assessment doesn’t have to be at the end; it can occur continually and over time.

As I started to think about how I could measure my students’ success, I wanted to create different ways of assessing their knowledge and skills. Since I had set up a Google Classroom website for each period, I decided to use this as an assessment tool. With the site, students can upload assignments and mark them as ‘Done’ for either participation points or for calculated, graded points.

Below is a screen shot of my most recent assessment for English 10, their first journal assignment for Tuesdays with Morrie. For this specific assessment, they are to type and attach a 2-3 paragraph journal to this post and mark ‘Done’. As you can see from my teacher view, I have access to who has completed the assignment and who has not. I can also set a due date and time.

journal 1 post

Since MCHS is working towards Employability Standards (relating the curriculum to both college and career readiness), I can also easily add an employability-related assessment which would consider whether or not the work was completed on time–so I have plenty of assessment options!

This is just one example of how I understand and use formative and summative assessments, ethical assessments, and multiple assessments in my classes.

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