I Am ___.

I’m excited for today’s activity!  For the past two weeks I’ve worked with my eighth grade students on understanding figurative language. They did Notes, the My Figurative Language Family assignment for practice, and now this will be their actual assessment–but a fun one!

For this assignment, students will be writing a paragraph about themselves and incorporating examples of figurative language. So far my students have had fun with creativity–their Family Crests, Louie Reports, etc. I’m hoping this will be no different.



**To view/download the full assignment sheet, click here.

To help the students with assignment, I gave them a color-coding system so I could easily identify their examples of figurative language and they could label them without distracting from their writing. [That’s the picture on the left]. In the middle is a computer-based assessment example. On the right is a sample assessment from one of my eighth graders that did the work by hand as opposed to on the computer:


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