“Darius & the Clouds” Activity

My students finish assessments at different points–this is a given–but it makes it essential to create extension activities and keep them busy and focused on the classroom curriculum. For an extension activity once my students were finished with their I Am Assessments, I created this–a reading and writing activity for the vignette “Darius & the Clouds” which we were not reading as a large group. 

youcanneverprevIn this activity, students are challenged to think more critically and creatively. This vignette, “Darius & the Clouds” deals with more advanced ideas and the worksheet asks students to speculate, draw inferences, and think about the deeper meaning of the story.

Students are also asked to create a short vignette of their own, following the worksheet (and vignette’s) theme of ‘You Can Never Have Too Much,’ which taps into their creative sides!

It kept students busy, but wasn’t busy work. Students were engaged, on task, and focused all period!

*To view/download the worksheet, click here: “Darius & the Clouds” / ‘You Can Never Have Too Much’ Activity

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