Life Lessons From Morrie – Final Paper

Tuesdays with Morrie is a wonderful book; probably one of my favorites. I love that it’s so personal, so confessional, so motivational, and most importantly, so relatable.

aphorismAfter finishing the book, I created an assignment for my students–a final paper over what I felt were the most important aspects of the book–the aphorisms/life lessons.

For this assignment, students were to choose two aphorisms/quotes/life lessons and define them, define them as they were presented in the book, and relate them to their personal lives.

Tuesdays-with-Morrie--1024x475I supplied them with a list of aphorisms and an assignment sheet. Their papers were to be 3 pages, double-spaced and include all aspects on the rubric. They were also to use first person and quotations/support from the text to support their claims and explanations of the chosen aphorisms.


Though I’m unfortunately moving to my next placement before grading these papers, I’m excited to see how the students have grown–from writing journals and short responses to lengthy papers, from small reflections on their lives to connections between Morrie’s life and their own–I’m excited for them!

For the complete assignment page, click here: Final Paper, Life Lessons From Morrie Schwartz


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