Engage Students in Reading with Contemporary Music!

Looking for a way to engage your students in reading? Want to do something fun, easy, and relevant? Then use contemporary music!

I stumbled across this website the other day: “Use Popular Music to Improve Reading and Inspire Writing” when I was looking for a way to connect music to my Book Club students. [To read about that, click here!]

I was so inspired by what the authors said, I decided to create a scaffolded notes resource for my eighth graders. They loved it! Not only did they have fun listening to music, watching the videos, comparing the lyrics to the visuals, and analyzing the words, but they were READING! And HAVING FUN!

If you have a group of kids that need some extra help, that are struggling with reading, or are just uninterested, this is a great way to connect them!


*You can download my scaffolded notes by clicking here: Contemporary Music & Reading

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