Class Dojo

Have you heard of Class Dojo? This is an awesome way for teachers and parents to stay connected and stay updated on student behavior. 


I was first introduced to this program from my co-teacher, who used this in her classes because the Behavioral Interventionist at our middle school had started it with his behavior-problem students. It is an awesome way to keep track of student behavior in a fun, visual way. It is very easy to connect with parents. And it encourages positivity and accountability for students, parents, and teachers!

Here’s one of the advertisements from their website. Using this resource is a great way to connect with parents!



dojo pointsOne of the cool things about Class Dojo is that you can award or take away points based on student behavior. There are positive points for things like staying on task, being prepared for class, or completing assignments.

Students can also lose points if they are off task, disruptive or rude, or not prepared for class.

There is also the opportunity to create fun, monster-like characters for each student. This brings in the silly aspect of the site, while still using it for an effective purpose.

I used this alongside my co-teacher and I loved being able to quickly give students feedback through a points system. Because this can easily be linked for parents, there is a simple ability to connect in and out of the classroom.

Teachers can also add notes when they award or take away points. This allows for even more professionalization and communication. Hands down this  is an awesome classroom resource!

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