Classroom Organization – Computer Cards

Yesterday was my first day of school: 10th and 11th grade English students! Hooray!

Going in I was a little nervous, but I had two goals for each period:

  1. Get to know the kids (name-game and at least 1 unique fact about each of them)
  2. Log them into their computers and give them access to the Google classroom site for their specific class period

In the week before classes began, I made these handy-dandy mini-binders which would be a great way to organize my class periods and computer information. I have to admit, I got this idea from my cooperating teacher Mrs. Stanton, but I put together the binders and adapted the idea to fit my classrooms. Continue reading

Name Tags!

One of the first activities I had my new students do is make name tags. Okay, sounds a little elementary, right? Wrong. Even though making name tags on the first day might be something done back in Kindergarten, there’s a way to make it relevant for even secondary students. [Or at least somewhat!] And that’s by making it a name activity rather than just a tag. Continue reading

Philosophy of Behavior Management

I believe that through creating a curriculum that is driven, focused, and engaging, I will foster inherent behavior management in my classroom that will not only motivate my students to be self-directed learners, but also ensures that together we are accountable for their learning.

I believe that students learn best in environments where they feel safe, yet are pushed outside of their comfort zones. My goal, as a teacher, is to create lessons and units that are both challenging and interesting, capturing student attention and therefore eliminating distractions and misbehavior. Through a curriculum that is both rigorous and fun, students will learn to be self-directed and responsible. They will grow both academically and as individuals, discovering their role in their learning and their role beyond the classroom.