Welcome to My Classroom

I don’t like the phrase ‘classroom rules’. I prefer ‘classroom expectations,’ so that’s what I implemented and talked about my first day of my first placement at Mason City High School.To start, I had three expectations:

Be on time. Be prepared. Be responsible.

IMG_3118These were the three key items my cooperating teacher focused on; they were also what I put on the classroom Syllabus. Aside from creating a syllabus to outline information and topics of the semester, I also had students do two things: Name Tags and Computer Numbers.

  • Name Tags: this was a fun activity I had my students do so I could learn their names and fun facts about them. These tags then went into their designated ‘holders’ by the classroom door. As a behavior management tool, I used these holders for the students to put their phones–this would eliminate distractions in the classroom.
  • Computer Numbers: The holders were assigned by computer numbers; I also had students fill out a card with an assigned number that would tell them which Chromebook to use for the remainder of the semester. This was a simple tool for keeping the classroom organized and focused.


My behavior management philosophy is that of mutual responsibility. It is not solely my job, as the teacher, to tell the students what to do. The students must also have responsibility of their own actions and behavior–thus the computer cards, name tags, phone slots, and my three expectations. I think this will work well in my classroom and I’m excited to see how the semester goes!

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