Classroom Organization – Computer Cards

Yesterday was my first day of school: 10th and 11th grade English students! Hooray!

Going in I was a little nervous, but I had two goals for each period:

  1. Get to know the kids (name-game and at least 1 unique fact about each of them)
  2. Log them into their computers and give them access to the Google classroom site for their specific class period

In the week before classes began, I made these handy-dandy mini-binders which would be a great way to organize my class periods and computer information. I have to admit, I got this idea from my cooperating teacher Mrs. Stanton, but I put together the binders and adapted the idea to fit my classrooms.

Names and faces have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

I labeled each binder as the main class: English/Language Arts 10, Honors English 10, American Seminar 11.

Each class period had its own tab at the top and I included the Google Classroom codes on the inside page of the binder. Then I cut pictures of each of the students and gave each of them a specific page and computer number.

My goal for the students on the first day was to log into their correct computer and then record their log in information, email address, and password on the card. That way, I could have a record of their information if they lost or forgot it, and I could also make sure that each student was using their assigned computer. (See example on the picture above, right side)

This was a simple, but effective way for me to organize my classroom and structure my class materials in a way that is both accessible and efficient.


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