What the Heck is Smore?

One of my students showed this website to me: Smore. This is a place where students, teachers, anyone can easily create an awesome-looking newsletter. FOR FREE! 

In sixth grade we have been working on Wolves Research Projects, where students researched wolves, took notes in their own words, then put their notes into sentences for a final project of their choice. The projects turned out awesome! Students did posters, Fakebook profiles, newsletters, brochures, and scrapbooks! They had a lot of fun, too.

One of my sixth graders created a newsletter, but instead of using the template I provided, she used Smore. I had no idea what it was until she showed me–and I think it’s awesome! There are plenty of newsletter templates to choose from and students can design them however they’d like and even share them on social media!


Above is a caption from the website. The design is easy to use and can be changed and modified however the user chooses! Here’s what my student’s project looked like after using a Smore template:

As you can see, this is awesome! My student created a newsletter that had all her information, plus even video clips and photos! Smore allows for fully individual, customized, and official-looking newsletters! This is great for any assignment, project, or activity!


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