Teaching experience at the college level. Including teaching internship and Writing Center tutoring.

book with sticky notes and calculator This GPA Calculator Will Help Your College Students Stay On Track All Year - This free resource is helping college students figure out all their GPA questions on their own.
The Long Night Against Procrastination! - As a Writing Center Tutor, one of the things I've participated in every year, twice a year, is Waldorf College's Long Night Against Procrastination--a day when students, faculty, and staff stay up in the library until 2AM and study, get tutored, talk to teachers, listen to music, color, and eat cake, popcorn, and of course, pizza rolls.
The Life of a Writing Tutor - It goes like're waiting for students to come in. Then all of a sudden they all come in, one by one, but like a herd of elephants lined up at the door. You're excited, but you start sweating. How am I going to help all these students in one night?!
So…What Does a Writing Center Tutor Do? - I've been working in the Writing Center for going on five years now. The job has been filled with opportunities that have showed me how individuals learn, as well as taught me ways of adapting my teaching to fit each student's unique differences.
Fall 2014: Teaching Internship, College Level - As a secondary-level teacher, I will work with students grades 5th-12th.
Becoming a Writing Center Tutor - Flash forward to the Spring of my freshman year: an opportunity comes up. I can take a class in Writing Tutoring/Student Tutoring. I jump on it! The class was focused on techniques of teaching students, ways to engage in a one-on-one setting, how to help students with writing in all of its processes and forms.