Becoming a Writing Center Tutor

When I came into Waldorf College, I knew one thing: I wanted to teach writing.

How I was going to get there and what I was going to do to get there? That was in the distant future, and as an indecisive eighteen-year-old, I was more concerned about making friends than planning out my entire college course load.

Flash forward to the Spring of my freshman year: an opportunity comes up. I can take a class in Writing Tutoring/Student Tutoring. I jump on it! The class was focused on techniques of teaching students, ways to engage in a one-on-one setting, how to help students with writing in all of its processes and forms. The course was excellent, especially for my long-term career plans. I attended class meetings, wrote journals, studied tutoring techniques, shadowed current college tutors, and come Fall, I was ready to be on my own! So Spring 2012, I became a Writing Center Tutor.

This is some of my work from my Writing Tutoring course at Waldorf College [English 204].

How I Write: The first paper I wrote for my class

Final Essay: The final paper I wrote for my class

I have worked as a tutor ever since. To read more about my job and what it entails, click here.

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