This GPA Calculator Will Help Your College Students Stay On Track All Year

book with sticky notes and calculator

Understanding grade point average (GPA) is a challenge many students face. Looking back on my years as an undergrad, I was always curious where I stood or how I had scored, especially when professors weren’t keen to share information as quick as I wanted, or too busy to meet with me individually when I had a question about pending assignments, tests, and grades.

However, free resources and tools have surfaced all over the internet. This GPA Calulator, by, being one of them. This Calculator is helping students solve this exact GPA problem on their own. Continue reading

The Life of a Writing Tutor

It goes like this…you’re waiting for students to come in. Then all of a sudden they all come in, one by one, but like a herd of elephants lined up at the door. You’re excited, but you start sweating. How am I going to help all these students in one night?! 

They hand you their papers with furrowed, confused eyebrows. They hold their assignment sheets between two fingers, as if the paper is poisonous. They are terrified. You are terrified they won’t see how powerful their writing can be. Continue reading