This GPA Calculator Will Help Your College Students Stay On Track All Year

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Understanding grade point average (GPA) is a challenge many students face. Looking back on my years as an undergrad, I was always curious where I stood or how I had scored, especially when professors weren’t keen to share information as quick as I wanted, or too busy to meet with me individually when I had a question about pending assignments, tests, and grades.

However, free resources and tools have surfaced all over the internet. This GPA Calulator, by, being one of them. This Calculator is helping students solve this exact GPA problem on their own.

calculator for student GPA

With this GPA Calculator, students can estimate their grades for all classes, can see whether they’re failing or what the exact percentage increase is needed to boost their grade to the next level, can learn how to improve final points, and can plan out each academic period.

The website’s mission, aligned with many class goals, is this: “At, we recognize the ever-changing needs of college students, who expect excellent content and need to know the cumulative GPA together with the weighted and unweighted GPA. By providing an outstanding customer experience and free tools used to determine your current or future hypothetical GPA, we see the difference our service makes for thousands of college and university students.” provides a resource for how to calculate GPA, as well as a step-by-step system for raising your GPA. For an easy (and free!) resource your college students can use, this calculator will help them monitor and stay accountable for their grades in your class.

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