The Long Night Against Procrastination!

As a Writing Center Tutor, one of the things I’ve participated in every year, twice a year, is Waldorf College’s Long Night Against Procrastination–a day when students, faculty, and staff stay up in the library until 2AM and study, get tutored, talk to teachers, listen to music, color, and eat cake, popcorn, and of course, pizza rolls.


This is one of my favorite nights because everyone at the college socializes, gets work done, and eats snacks. (Seriously, what could be better?)

At the small Waldorf College campus, this is a fun, social event! But it’s also very productive. Students really get things done (staff and tutors…not so much…but we help out a ton!)

My favorite part is seeing everyone on campus, answering questions, reading and editing papers, and just walking around asking if people need help.

I usually start with the early shift, 6PM, and go until 12AM split between the library and the Writing Center and WC table downstairs.

Here are some pictures from tonight! There’s me working with a student on his marketing proposal. Other pictures are of students talking, working one-on-one with professors, and enjoying snacks!

#ThrowbackThursday to Long Night Against Procrastination 2013! Waldorf made a video of the Long Night and put it on YouTube! You can check it out here. And yes, I’m in it! I’m totally a TV star 😉


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