Journal 3 – Family

To help my students connect their lives to the story, Tuesdays with Morrie, I wanted them to write about Mitch and Morrie’s relationship and then relationships in their own lives. 

Here’s the Journal 3 prompt. I had this journal in a discussion format, where students could respond to one another. Click on the image to download.

I set this week’s journal up in a discussion format. I had each of the students write on the topic and organize their thoughts into a coherent, one-page journal that they would post onto our Classroom site. They would not only have their responses, but respond to one other student in some way–agreeing, disagreeing and why, saying that they had similar experiences, etc.

I was thrilled to see the students not only writing, but writing about personal topics, and feeling comfortable sharing those things with me. I think the journals are allowing them to make stronger connections to the text and why we’re reading Tuesdays with Morrie in class.


This is one of the student examples that really resonated with me. It reflects this students’ connection to the text, as well as personal reflection on his life growing up with his brother.


When I take a step back, I realize that my students come to me with such different, often difficult backgrounds. Seeing how this student, despite his hard childhood, was connecting with the book made me want to cry. I hope that this book, and my teaching, can help him to see the good and stay on the right track.

**You can download the Journal Assignment Sheet here.

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