Standard #8:  Instructional Strategies.  The teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies to encourage learners to develop deep understanding of content areas and their connections, and to build skills to apply knowledge in meaningful ways.

8(a) The teacher uses appropriate strategies and resources to adapt instruction to the needs of individuals and groups of learners.  (Performances)
8(l) The teacher knows when and how to use appropriate strategies to differentiate instruction and engage all learners in complex thinking and meaningful tasks.  (Essential Knowledge)
8(q) The teacher values the variety of ways people communicate and encourages learners to develop and use multiple forms of communication.  (Critical Dispositions)

In my words: As a teacher, I understand and will implement a variety of teaching strategies in my classes so my students will comprehend at a deeper level, allowing them to grow in their skills and apply their knowledge in and out of the classroom.


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