Sarah Plain & Tall – KWL Chart

Today’s focus for Book Club is on the book, Sarah Plain and Tall, which is an easy read I selected to read with my students during the M-Th 30 minute class sessions.

The book itself is simple, but I wanted to make sure my students were not only practicing making connections, but also learning to use questioning as a strategy, which is the focus of our next set of lessons.

I created this KWL Chart (Know, Want to know, Learned) to have students record, alongside me, what we know so far about the main character, Sarah. We also recorded questions/what we wanted to know, and while reading, we stopped to add to the ‘Know’ section, either answering some of our questions, adding information, or even going back to the ‘Want to know’ and adding additional questions.



The goal was to show students how questioning makes them stronger readers. Even though the chart is simple, it’s effective, especially as a visual and set of scaffolded notes for struggling readers.

*To view/download the full worksheet, click here: Sarah Plain & Tall KWL Chart

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