Who Am I/My Culture Paper

For one of the first major writing assignments in my English 10 classroom, I decided to have the students write a paper about three items that define them, ‘Who Am I/My Culture Paper’. This began as an assignment/mini-speech [to read more about that, click here].

For the paper, I first gave my students a Brainstorming Worksheet, to develop and expound on their ideas.

Then I gave them a ‘Who Am I/My Culture Paper’ sheet and a ‘Who Am I/My Culture Rubric’.

**Those three documents can be downloaded here: Who Am I/My Culture Paper Packet

My goal was for the students to write a 2-3 page, double spaced, narrative paper with an introduction, explanation of three items and why they represent the student, and a conclusion. It would be a bridge between Tuesdays with Morrie and the Narrative Writing Unit. I am excited to see how they turn out!

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