Who Am I/My Culture Assignment

To dig a little deeper and connect my Tuesdays with Morrie unit to Narrative writing, which my students have and will be doing for the remainder of the year, I decided to create a ‘Who Am I/My Culture’ Assignment.

To lead into this assignment, we had an in-class discussion about culture and what the characters, Morrie and Mitch, had to say about their personal cultures, American culture, and culture in general. Then we related these ideas to our personal lives and started brainstorming aspects of our personal cultures: family life, traditions, sports, music, heirlooms, etc.  Continue reading

Creating My Own Rubric

During my clinical hours at Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High School in the fall of 2013, I created a rubric for a research paper in a 12th grade English classroom. I was very interested in this specific research paper because the student whose paper I was examining seemed deficient in several areas, especially for being a 12th-grader. I decided to create a rubric based off of her paper to learn more about the criteria I would assess as a future teacher, and what grade I would give this particular student. Continue reading