Easy-Peasy Jeopardy Game

Today was New Mohawk Day at MCHS, a day where freshmen students get acquainted with school policies, room/area locations, people, and schedules. Part of the day is dedicated to reading the Student Planner/Handbook…but I thought this was suuuuper boring! I wanted to spice things up! So I decided to create a jeopardy game of all the main points given to faculty for New Mohawk Day. A way to make learning the ins and outs of the Handbook a little more fun!

I used the website: Super Teacher Tools

I customized my own title, categories, and questions. I made sure to include relevant information from the Handbook so I could read the answers aloud and give them more facts without it being boring!


I could customize the amount of time allotted for each question. When a question was selected, it would show on the screen. Then, once I clicked ‘View Answer’ the answer would come up.


My group of freshmen was small–6 students–so they were each able to be a team on their own. They battled for 10-50 point questions and the Final Question (they could bet 0 points up to all their points) had to do with their memory recall of 2 truths and 1 lie I gave them at the beginning of the day. Scores were tallied at the end and the winner received 3 Tootsie Pops (the rest got 2!) 🙂

It made learning about the Handbook way more fun! To view the online version of the game, click here.


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