Quick Tip – Jeopardy Game

I just made a post about a jeopardy game I created today for my students: Easy-Peasy Jeopardy Game

I wanted to give some basic information about creating a game because it’s

  1. super easy and teacher-friendly (even if your’e computer illiterate)
  2. fun to make and fun for kids, too!
  3. you can use it for just about anything!


The website I used is Super Teacher Tools. You can click on ‘Make a New Game Now!’ and add Categories, Questions, and Answers! The whole thing will probably take you 30-40 minutes at the most!

It’s a fun and simple way to engage your students outside of the norm! Comment if you need help/questions! 🙂

**Note: there is no spell-check for this website! Make sure you’re double-checking your questions and answers!

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