What Is My America?

One of my first assignments for my 11th grade American Literature class was called ‘What Is My America?’. This is something that my cooperating teacher has done in the past with her classes and I love it! From the very first day, the kids get involved with the topic–they have to think about their own opinions on America and how those cultural lenses can shape how they read a text. They also can compare their ideas to ideas expressed in the time period of the literature they are reading. Continue reading

Easy-Peasy Jeopardy Game

Today was New Mohawk Day at MCHS, a day where freshmen students get acquainted with school policies, room/area locations, people, and schedules. Part of the day is dedicated to reading the Student Planner/Handbook…but I thought this was suuuuper boring! I wanted to spice things up! So I decided to create a jeopardy game of all the main points given to faculty for New Mohawk Day. A way to make learning the ins and outs of the Handbook a little more fun!

I used the website: Super Teacher Tools Continue reading