Wordly Wise Time!

“It’s a Wordly Wise day? Awh mannnnnn!”

That was the chorus I heard at the start of every sixth grade class period today. I knew, going in, that students weren’t huge fans of learning the new vocabulary words and then being tested on them every day of the week. It’s monotonous. I totally get it! But…my goal was to present the words to them in a slideshow that was fun and could keep them a little more engaged.

vocabbMy goal for the sixth graders today was to have them go through the slideshow presentation together with me, giving their own examples and saying each word out loud the entire time. After, they would complete a pretest over the words which wouldn’t be scored, but could give me and my cooperating teacher a picture of where each student was at.

This is the Google slideshow [Wordly Wise Lesson 6] I used to present the words to the class. I had each student read a definition, then after explaining the definition, had them give their own examples and insight to be more involved. Some of the stories they shared were funny, scary, and downright crazy, but I’m glad they shared because I know it helps to connect them with the words.

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