Figurative Language Challenge

What’s better to middle and high school students than a game/competition/individual challenge? (The answer is nothing). That’s why I wanted to create an extension activity and figurative language activity that would engage my eighth graders and let them have a little fun.

I created this activity, Figurative Language Challenge, with one goal in mind: something fun, relevant, and engaging. As my kids were finishing their I Am Assessments, and since they were all at different places, I wanted them to stay focused during class and get some additional practice on identifying figurative language since this would be a reoccurring skill throughout the entire unit.


I created this worksheet, which asks students to identify examples of figurative language (similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification) in several vignettes. The challenge was to get all twenty examples.

There are various ways of using this resource. It can be an individual challenge for students to get all examples, or it can be used as a competition between partners/small groups/even the large group! Who can be the fastest to identify all examples? Or who can gather the most in a certain time?

Whichever way you use the resource, it’s a great one for House on Mango Street and the kids enjoy it!

*To download the worksheet, click here: Figurative Language Challenge

*For other examples of extension activities click here: “Darius & the Clouds” Activity, & “Us and Them” Comic



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