Dear Mom and Dad

To help my sixth graders understand how to research and get some practice before their assessment on informative/explanatory writing, I had them work on the Adopt a Pet project, where they had to research an animal of their choice, take notes, and then draft a letter to their parents/guardians about why they should buy that pet!

This was so much fun! Every class period I was on my feet, walking around, and talking individually with each student. They chose their pets, their websites, and constructed their own letters. I knew they had fun because they were laughing and sharing facts and photos, while still being completely engaged.

To finish the project, they had to write a short letter to their parents, convincing them that they should buy the pet the student had researched. Here are some of my sixth graders’ letters:


It’s so awesome to see how they combined facts with opinions and reasons, using both informative and persuasive writing.

They did so well on this! And these are so cute to read!

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