Awesome Reading Resources for the Classroom!

As an English/Reading teacher, I love love love finding awesome websites for students to play around with when they’re done working on a class assignment, when there’s a few minutes left of the period, or when they are looking for something fun and relevant to their age to read! Here are a list of a few websites that you just have to check out and point your students towards!

On Read

This is, an awesome website for middle and high school students. There are contemporary books, latest books, academic books, and free reading books. They can be easily downloaded FOR FREE! with an account, so if the teacher uses the account then students can use it, too! Only drawback–these are full-length books, so probably not something you’d use in a short class period.


Tween Tribune
This is Tween Tribune, one of my personal favorite sites! Perfect any age, as it has articles for all grades! I like using this website when students finish projects/assignments early. There are tons of different articles, so students can always find something they’re interested in. And the articles are relatively short, so it is a good way of using extra class time.


Read Any BookThis is ReadAnyBook.comanother awesome website for free downloads of full-length books. Again, relevant for middle and high school students and can be easily obtained through a teacher account! Drawback–can’t use in short class periods, but it could be an easy way to engage students in reading outside of the classroom.


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